Claim your FBME funds

It’s quite simple to understand the FBME bank liquidation process if you grasp the total picture. Studying everything we could get our hands on and staying far away from the biased information FBME Ltd presents on their propaganda forum, it is clear that becoming a client of FBME bank was the biggest mistake of our life!

We are excited since FBME Cyprus customers receive up to 100.000 Euro from the deposit guarantee scheme and that is a victory after two years of frustration. It seems that this was the only solution from the beginning but that FBME resisted and frustrated this action for a long time. That the situation was new for the central bank as well did not help much eitherbut finally the end is near.

It probably takes a few more years for everything to settle, we (and many other customers of FBME Cyprus) will get our money returned within the 2 year closure of the bank. You cannot imagine how hard it sometimes was and how excited we currently are.

To claim your funds, you should visit the website of the central bank of Cyprus. They explain in detail what you have to do, what documents you have to present (in person) and how long it will take before you receive your money.